Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Next Phase

     Well it has been an interesting year to say the least. I started this little journey last February and now here I am, a year later, down 100 pounds and able to officially call myself a marathoner. I've achieved more in the past year than I ever dreamed that I could achieve. I honestly thought that the best of life had passed me by and that I would just continue to sit on the sidelines watching life pass me by.

     But now I know that isn't the case at all. I'm much more active and fit than I have been in almost 20 years. And now that I have achieved such wonderful things it's time to buckle down. Yes. You heard me. Buckle down.

     I have now officially entered into "The Next Phase"- triathlon training. Don't get me wrong. I'm still all about losing weight. I still need to lose about 60 pounds until I am at what I believe will be my ideal weight. The extra pounds still make it difficult to run and ride up hills but I know that as consistent as I have been on the past that I will be able to achieve my weight loss goal. But that being said, I am now focusing more on achieving what I believe to be are my significant life goals.

     As for the training, I feel very comfortable with my running. Having just completed a marathon I fully anticipate keeping my base where it is. That means 30-40 miles a week at a minimum.That sounds like a lot but I'm so fortunate to have my Polo Club Pacers to run with, especially since most of them are training for marathons. I know I'll be able to get my miles in. I also really just want to lose the extra weight so I can focus a little more on my pace. Nobody likes to be the last person on the course. Trust me. I've been there. And I've been the next to the last person on the course. But I guess at least I'm on the course, huh?

     As for my cycling, I still need to improve there as well. I love cycling so spending time on the bike won't be an issue for me. I just need to build up my endurance. I'm so happy to have the Bluegrass Cycling Club to ride with. They have a group that they've dubbed the "Century Virgins" so I'll begin my training with them this weekend on my way to reaching the 100 mile mark. I also have my new rollers with fork stand set up at home so I can ride even when the weather is bad. And since cycling is about 50% of the Ironman, I really need to get it down.

     Finally, I've started swimming as well. I guess I didn't realize how difficult it would be. I've been a swimmer all of my life. But knowing how to swim and being able to swim 2.4 miles are two completely different things. I've made it to the pool twice this week and I've only been able to manage 440 and 480 meters. But again, we all have to start somewhere. I guess since I've spent so much time running it's just weird to not have the ability to do something. I have to keep reminding myself that when I started running I struggled to run 60 seconds at a time. I know the swimming will develop. I just have to be patient and persistent. I don't have much trouble with the latter. It's the former that always gets me.

     I'm also very fortunate to have the Bluegrass Tri Club to give me guidance along the way. These guys and gals have been great in providing encouragement and support. It takes a village to raise a child and a triathlete I suppose.

     So what's next for "The Beast"? I don't plan on doing any running races this year. I think my running race days are over. I plan to shoot for the half Ironman in Muncie, Indiana on July 7th. That will be 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles cycling, and 13.1 miles running. A walk in the park, right? After that I plan to complete the full Ironman in Louisville. That will be 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles cycling, and 26.2 miles running. That will be in late August and it will be HOT, HOT, HOT! But I know that I'll be up for the challenge.

     So I hope you enjoyed reading about "The Next Phase" of my weight loss and fitness journey. Many of you have been here for the entire ride. Some of you are new to the show. But I consider myself very fortunate that I have people in my life who care enough about me like you guys do. I truly appreciate all of the support and encouragement that you've provided to me over the past year. Please keep it up because I definitely need it more now than ever. Thank you!

     Now if you'll excuse me I'm pretty sure I need to go get some miles or laps in......

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  1. I debated on doing the 70.3 in Muncie but a few of my girlfriends are doing the one in Racine so I chose that one instead! I bet you'll do great! I'm sure I'll see you out with the Bluegrass Cycling Club!

    Coy -